Acconciatore Uomo Donna

Carovigno Hair salon


Fashion haircuts for man and woman

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Salone da parrucchiere Carovigno

Style, beauty and charm

We are a hair salon in Carovigno, which deals with the look of man and woman. We create unique styles for her and for him, preserving the health and the perfection of every hair. Our salon offers you classic or fashion haircuts for man and woman, trendy hairstyles and professional hair dyes. For man, we make classic combs and scissors or trendy haircuts; In addition, our salon is a barbershop providing shaving, molding and finishing for a fresh, clean, and perfect face.

For a desirable woman

We offer different types of hair dyes, for woman: from monochrome to natural effects such as shatush and balayage. We also offer the ruffle, a technique for those who want a variegated but non-banded hair dye, for a shaded and brilliant color. We enhance the features of your face, ranging from long, medium, short, or very short haircuts. Our haircuts can be classic or soft or with more geometric and well-defined lines. We suggest you daily hairstyles, for the evening or for your wedding day.

Excellent treatments

At our salon you will find hair-specific treatments whose result will be immediately clear: nourished, shiny, moisturized, protected and bulky hair. A treatment for each types of hair! Anti-frizz treatments for those who want to get a smoother, soft and silky hair. We provide different treatments to curl or smooth the hair as you like. Finally, we make reconstructions and extensions applications to further enhance hair growth with the thickening and the creation of tufts and fringes. This will greatly intensify your seductive female power.